Off to Africa

Today we sent our first materials packet to Kenya and Ethiopia.  Each packet was filled with string, instructions, and self drawn portraits by Maria and Layla.  We also sent home letter to parents asking permission for the children to be involved in ePals.  We will soon have a group ready to corrispond with our sister schools in Africa.

Below is pictured children from the Cheery Children Education Centre in Kenya.  They are excited to help in this project.


It all started when. . .

School Ties was born early in the morning during a walk to elementary school.  I was taking a class on world development and had become emotionally involved with the effort to find world peace. As I walked my two young daughters to school that day, I told them stories of chidren in other countries that don’t get to go to school.  We decided right then and there that we would like to help.  We talked about shoe drives and sanitary kits that we could organize in an effort to aid people in need.  But we wanted something more; a way to get to know the people we work with and allow them to help in the effort.  If we could do this, we would learn more about them, they would learn about us, we would bring the world together and make something good.  What better way to accomplish this than with friendship….friendship bracelets!

We cooked up a plan in power point and took it to our school principle.  We told him that with School Ties we could spread friendship across the globe.  Our plan is to deliver materials to a disadvantaged school in a developing country.  The children there make the friendship bracelets and return them to us.  We sell the bracelets to earn money to give back to their school.  This way, we will work together to make primary education avaliabe to children who would otherwise go without.  All the while, we communicate with the school and students via online communication capabilities.

Our principle loved it!  We got to work right away and we have been working ever since.