Power Point Presentation

Power Point Presentation

This is the Power Point presentation that Maria and Layla helped to put together.  We talked about what we would like to accomplish first and then we wrote down some main points.  We planned out how the project would work.  Maria and Layla picked out some pictures we found online and some that were sent from a partner school in Africa.  We made an appointment with the principal at our school for Maria and Layla to present a project they would like the whole school to be involved in.  We practised the presentation several times before the appointed meeting.  The principal met with us and Maria and Layla did all of the talking!  At the end, I helped to fill in a few points.  The meeting was touching and the principal loved the idea.  With all of the permission slips and kinks to straighten out, it has been slow moving, but moving none the less!

See what you can put together and present!


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