Hot Chocolate for Africa

Hot Chocolate for Africa

Over the weekend the girls and I put on a hot chocolate & friendship bracelet stand to raise money for School Ties. We stirred up a lot of interest in the community and handed out information on the project as well. The children each took turns explaining the project and why they think it is important to our customers. In this way, they were each able to develop speaking and presenting skills.
We received many generous donations! The best part was when I told the kids how much money they needed to raise in order to help one student in Africa with school supplies. Throughout the sale they wanted to keep working in order to get one more student the supplies they would need to attend class.
After we closed shop for the day, I had each of the children take turns counting the money. This helped them to improve their counting and money managment skills.
I think this hot chocolate stand was a great way to get a community involved in helping others and being more aware of the world around them. It also gave the children real life experience with speaking, presenting, and money management. What a great lesson!


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