School Ties and Girl Scouts

School Ties and Girl Scouts

Last week Maria and Layla gave a School Ties presentation to a local Girl Scout Troop. We talked about what the program is and how it can benefit kids all over the world. We shared a UNICEF video on the challenge that children in Ethiopia face in gaining an education.

Immedicately after the video, one of the girls spoke up asking if she could show her mom, could she get her school involved, and what could she do to help?

Her enthusiam was touching. I loved that she felt like she needed to tell her mom; that if her mom knew what was happening in the world she would do something to make it better. I also loved her desire to help. Kids often have this place in their hearts, but many times are unable to find an acceptable outlet. School Ties solves that problem, allowing kids to help kids.

This troop got to work making bracelets to sell in order to aid the children in Ethiopia.


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