Wanna make a difference?

School Ties is looking to expand to your neck of the woods! We currently have FOUR international schools waiting to partner with your school here in the US!

(in no particular order)

The Falkland Islands. What? Where is that? Want your kids to know? Down at the very tip of South America children are waiting to reach out and get to know you too!

Ghana. This school in West Africa already has bracelets ready to go! One teacher at the school wrote,
“Actually we are going through a lot of challenges and problems as a school to extend that some children stay out of school because they don’t have basic learning materials like pencils, pens, exercise books and others to use at school, let alone money to buy food sometimes.”
They hope to buy the school’s first computer with money earned from bracelet sells. In the mean time, they are willing to walk to a nearby internet cafe to skype!

Ghana. This school in Accra is full of enthusiasm to learn. They are all set up for skype and email. The lead teacher has tons of educational ideas to share with their partner school.

Liberia. Did you know that Liberia and America go way back? I’m sure you’ll find out more when you partner with a school full of students ready send pictures and letters about their lives. This school does not have skype and emailing is limited, but they would love to be involved in the School Ties project in an effort to raise money to add a computer to their school.

Let’s see what we can do!

Please comment, text, email, or call me if you are interested in getting involved!


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