Lemon AID for Africa


This weekend the girls and I hit the soccor park to raise money for our partner school in Kenya. We took the bracelets that they had made along with some lemonade to tempt thirsty potential donors. We were not there for long and it did not take much of our day, but we did raise enough to send a few more children to school! We met really great partents and interested youth. It was fun to tell them about some of our experiences with the kids in Kenya and the School Ties project.
We did come across one rather grumpy man who cast a slight shadow over our good feelings for only a moment, but I think it was an important moment and something that should be talked about.

The girls invited the man over for some lemonade and he seemed interested until he saw our sign, “Lemon AID for Africa.” At this point he turned and said, “Not for Africa.” Huh? What? The girls were pretty confused why their perspective donor had pivoted away and why he had said, “Not for Africa.” They both looked to me for an answer. Perhaps there is a great answer out there, but I didn’t have one. I am not sure why this man decided against a cold lemonade on a hot day when he realized that the donated money would not be kept in our pockets but instead given to children who need it more.

This question snowballs into more questions like, “Do we feel it our responsibility to help people in a different country? Should we only worry about our own families and communities? Why do the children in Africa need this lemonade money more than children here in the United States? What part do we each play in assisting those in need?

Again, I don’t have all of the answers to all of these questions for everyone. I just hope that the questions are asked, thought about, studied out, and hopefully a personal conclusion reached.


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