Heartbreaking News from Liberia

Over the summer I reached out to several teachers around the world.  One was Samson Chea from Liberia.  He wrote that although his school could not afford a computer or postage for letters, the children were excited to learn more about others around the world.  He said that the school would love to correspond if help with postage could be offered.  At the time, I thought it would be a great experience for children here to learn about his students in Liberia and also a great adventure for his students.  This partnership could open their eyes and understanding to the great, wondrous world!

Unfortunately, I was not able to partner his school with a school here in the states, but I continued to think of them and write Samson every so often to stay in touch.

With the ensuing ebola outbreak I wanted to check in with Samson.  This is his reply

Dear Kelly,
Thank so much for the concerned shown us. all we
need now is prayer because the kids here are dying
everyday and we can not do anything to stop that
since the virus is difficult to prevent. i have
lost 13 of my students and 8 friends so far. the
government has closed down every school in the
country so the kids are with their parents but i
still have to do my best to monitor them because i
love them so much.It’s hurts allot when an
innocent child die from such a deadly virus.i am
thinking of establishing a center to keep kids
there so that they can be well monitor till the
situation calm down since most parents are
illiterate and are not putting adequate preventive
measure into place and the kid keep dying? what do
you think will be the best to do now to help the
innocent kids? any other idea is welcome. i am
really confuse the situation is getting worst

Let God save us, we need everyone of you prayer


What started as an exciting chance to help children learn and grow (and grow the adults a bit too), has turned into heartbreak.  How much can change in just a few short months.  I will be sending love to Liberia today.


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