Letters to Liberia

We held our School Ties meeting Thursday morning this week. We recapped the Ebola situation and read the letter that Sampson sent me. We were all pretty much in tears by the end of it and the children were all concerned. We decided to join The Joy Maker Challenge as a club and find kind things to do to make Christmas a happy time for more kids. As our first kind act, we wrote notes to Sampson and his students in Liberia. Many of the kids drew pictures of snowmen, hearts, sunbeams, and flowers. One student wrote, “I’m sincerly will pray for you and your kids. Because some day God will bless you and I will be very thankful for you.” I loved how our club kids felt strongly about the situation and want to ease the pain others feel. Every time we meet as a club, my feelings are reinforced about the goodness that can come from activities that teach children to care and allow them ways to express their desire to help.
We hope you’ll join us in a Joy Maker Challenge


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