$1,000 of school supplies


From Houston to Nairobi and Nairobi back to Houston back to Nairobi back…back…back…you get it! Friends have each other’s back!  The beautiful bracelets made by our friends in Kenya have been sold in the front yard, the soccer park, to family, the piano teacher, and during the school carnival.  It is really hard to put into words all of the experiences that we’ve shared with our partner school.  When you find yourself in a library full of U.S. students skyping with a room full of Kenyan students, it seems almost unbelievable!  We talk with them and learn about their lives and their culture.  And of course, we HOKEY POKEY!

Children are amazing with their ability to understand and reach out to each other in friendship.  These kids all want the best for each other.  Competition is lost when you really just want another child to be able to go to school.

After many bracelet sells, we can now send the children in Kenya the money that we have all helped to earn.  We have learned a lot along the way. Geography, communication skills, technology etiquette, history, marketing, entrepreneurial skills, and current events are just a few of the subjects we have worked on. Just as importantly, we have learned about kindness, understanding, compassion, respect, and love.
We are happy to be involved in making an education possible for 33 children with this money. We hope that more people will join with us as we learn and give.  Thank you!!! to everyone (teen soccer kids at the park you too!) who has donated to this project through which 100% of the moola is spent on school supplies for children who would be unable to attend school without the love and support of others.  We think it’s a great deal!

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