Monsters Unite!

We started our club meeting off today with a review of places and people we know around the world-Geography is exciting when you can relate it to an experience!
We then did our best to match our monsters pictures to those made by the students in Nairobi. The kids did a great job of finding their matching monsters, but then they started to notice some drastic differences between their drawings and those of the monsters from Kenya.
“Why does their monster have legs and mine does not?” “This one has horns and mine does not.” where a few of their questions and responses. After reading back over the descriptions given to the students in Kenya, which were used to create their monsters, we realized that maybe we had skipped over a few important details! We forgot to mention that our monster has no legs, but is made of goo! We continued this conversation in relation to our communication skills and how important they become when we are trying to make or teach something. These skills are also important when we are doing a job.
To bring home the point, we played a fun game of telephone. It’s a classic and the kids loved it. What started off as “Once upon a time there was a scary monster with green horns and sharp teeth” ended up as “My mom brought me a hamburger from McDonald’s” (I think someone in the group was ready for breakfast!).
We ended the meeting by making a big poster for our club with some pictures sharing things we’ve done and learned. It was a great way to start a day!


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