If you give some students a cookie…

This morning we met with our friends in the Falkland Islands. We started off by reading them “If you give a mouse a cookie.” Jack, their reading dog, was there listening as well. We were surprised to know they haven’t heard of it! Then the students there read us a story about “Souper Man.” A fire took place at a large soup factory, but Souper man showed up and dumped soup all over to put the fire out. They asked us if we’d ever heard of Souper Man. Ha! We asked each other lots of questions about gardens, after school activities, and food we like to eat. The kids in Falkland Island practiced the Hokey Pokey just to dance with us! So, we all Hokey Pokeied to end. Afterward we talked about communicating skills. Sometimes it is difficult to hear and understand each other, especially when different accents are involved! We talked about speaking clearly and directly. Lots to learn!


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