God’s Awesome Army Ministries!

Here we are being silly with the ladies from God’s Awesome Army Ministries! We spent a wonderful evening with them sharing the School Ties project and stories from our experiences. We also took some bracelets from Kenya and Haiti to share and the ladies gave generous donations to support education! It was a really great time reading scripture and speaking from the heart.

This all happened because of our wonderful dental hygienist MJ! The girls actually look forward to getting their teeth clean because of her! The girls shared our project with her at our last appointment and she invited us to come tell her group about it! It’s pretty amazing what can happen while simply sitting in a dental chair!

Haude to Haiti

The talented group at Haude elementary wrapped up School Ties with a bang! The club sent home a donation letter for kids and families to buy friendship bracelets to support the students in Haiti. The response was wonderful! The sale raise close to $400!!! Wow! Many generous people making an effort to help students around the world! Thanks to everyone involved! Kids, with a little help from their teachers, can make a huge impact for good! Power to the Kid!
The school staff in Haiti is currently working on creating a Bon Lavi line of bracelets! We hope to sell these in stores and online. If you have any connections give us a shout!