Christmas Giving

The girls and I have begun to make some of our own friendship bracelets in order to sell and begin fundraising.  These bracelets would make great Christmas gifts or for any other occasion.  Even better yet is the fact that these bracelets will keep on giving as your charitable donation will be sent to a school in Africa to help underprivilaged children gain an education.  Please contact us if you would like a Friendship Bracelet!  


Permission Letters to Parents

Permission Letters to Parents

This is a letter our school used to ask permission for students to be involved with emails to children in Africa.  You can use it to help create your own for your school!  

As with the Power Point Presentation below, you will need permission to access the Permission Letter.  Please write a comment and leave your email address.  I will then be able to allow you access to the letter.  Thanks!

Power Point Presentation

Power Point Presentation

This is the Power Point presentation that Maria and Layla helped to put together.  We talked about what we would like to accomplish first and then we wrote down some main points.  We planned out how the project would work.  Maria and Layla picked out some pictures we found online and some that were sent from a partner school in Africa.  We made an appointment with the principal at our school for Maria and Layla to present a project they would like the whole school to be involved in.  We practised the presentation several times before the appointed meeting.  The principal met with us and Maria and Layla did all of the talking!  At the end, I helped to fill in a few points.  The meeting was touching and the principal loved the idea.  With all of the permission slips and kinks to straighten out, it has been slow moving, but moving none the less!

See what you can put together and present!

Our Vision

Mission Statement

School Ties creates global educational experiences for students working together to raise funds for school supplies in developing countries.


We hope to see School Ties grow and expand as more people learn about this unique program.  As an organization, we want to make connecting with schools and children around the world as easy as possible.  Our goal is to provide the knowledge and resources needed to make each project a success.  We also want to allow participants the freedom and creativity to have their own individual experience.  Here’s how we see this working:

*School Ties will organize connections with different underprivileged schools around the world

* School Ties will ship and forward all material necessary to make and receive friendship bracelets

*School Ties will provide helpful guides for building each individual group initiative through successful examples

This is where YOU get involved:

*You can contact School Ties if you are interested in participating in this unique program

*Use the resources and material provided at School Ties to create your own individual plan

-This means you can custom make each plan for a family project, a school project, a community effort, or a personal interest.

*School Ties will then send you a “kit” complete with a partner school that you can begin to get to know through email, skype, or other online tools.

*Develop your own initiative with your family, friends, school, and community

**Remember this is a project for and from kids!  Get children involved throughout the whole process.  Teach them how to build a presentation, email, ask questions, market bracelets, and love others!

*We can all help make this program a success!  Please contact us with interest or helpful information you might have to make School Ties even better!