Thoughts from Getinet

A few days ago Getinet and I met by chance in Google hangout.  It was a treat to chat with him real time.  As we were saying goodbye, his kind words were touching:  

thank you very much.really iam exited.b/c u gave the chance to participate in volunteers activity.My last vision in my life just helping people who are in the problem.WOW!!IAM VERY HAPPY.I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU!!!LONG LIVE!!\


Lessons Learned

As we have been telling others about the session with Kenya, one event continues to stand out. At the very end, after we had talked about food we like, our favorite subject in school, and what sports we like to … Continue reading

Fund Raiser for School Ties

Fund Raise for School Ties

Help School Ties become a Non-Profit! This Crowdrise site has been set up to receive donations for the School Ties program. Once School Ties has been granted non-profit status we will be able to better raise funds to support school children in developing countries. We hope that you will support us in our effort to provide a valuable educational program for children around the world.