Cheffie Primary School Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Cheffie Primary School Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

My name is Getinet Gebremichael. I am 27 years old and live in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I am vice director of Cheffie primary school. We have 1400 students in the school. The school is under government from grade 1-8. The age of the students are from 6-18. From 15-18 ages students are not a lot. Most of them up to 14 age. Challenge of some students in our school are some students come from far from the school about 2 hour foot journey,no family and the family has no income to support the students such as for uniform,clothes and some times some students they can’t get enough food. So we teachers and admin workers try to contribute money,old clothes from our home,and ask d/f organizations. Still we can’t do for all. We can’t get sponsor as we think. For students to buy uniform 20 USD per a child. and we need to feed students food in the school or help their family but we can’t do this. So we need help from every volunteers everywhere arround the world.


One thought on “Cheffie Primary School Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  1. Hello every one how are you?first i would like to say thank you Kelly Swanson.B/c she sent us raw material for Bracelet and showed us the instraction.the way we do.But still now we didn’t make any bracelet.b/c we didn’t try before. we can’t do that. please anyone can help us through Skype conversation?
    Am waiting your response.
    skype:- getinet.gebremichael
    Thank you

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